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29 Jun, 2015

Agriculture Career Trend

One common misconception among community that very few people are choosing career in agriculture as these jobs are most low paid jobs and devoid of benefits in other office based jobs. But we can find another or opposite picture in this society.

Recent finding showed increasing trend towards educated farm labor than unskilled agriculturist. Now as days many educated young crowd find agriculture as interesting work than any other. One survey showed that 70% people find agriculture as good career opportunity.

Another concern about agriculture job is these jobs are low paid, but recent report showed that this picture is going to change in coming future. Agriculture job salaries are increasing day by day.

From many years it is said that agriculture work is to be done by unskilled workers. But survey showed 48% agriculturists are of agriculture bachelor degree holders. As farming is getting more technological, this figure is likely to increase in coming future.

There are some other misconceptions about agriculture jobs that labor workers in agriculture don’t switch jobs frequently and agriculture labors have to work for long time than others. But now, this scenario is changing slowly. It is seen that agriculture labors are ready to change their jobs as soon as they get better opportunity.

This changing picture in agriculture will likely to create more opportunities in agriculture in coming future.

M Joglekar
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