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Job Description

Job Title: Veterinary Officer

Employer: Macro Diary Ventures Limited (MDVL)

No. of Post: 01

Pay Scale: Rs. 5,00,000 - 6,00,000 PA

Job Responsibility:

The Veterinary officer will report to Herd Manager.

The position will nurture relationships with prospective talent and manage relationships along with ensuring smooth financial and operations for the company.

Herd management:  Manage young stock program, Deliver calves, Walk through the barns observing cows and facilities, Review progress with heifer grower, Handle cows in a calm, professional manner, Coordinate cattle handling and movement.            

Young stock management: Interact with calf grower, Monitor health and growth of new calves, Identify, move, group and treat heifers, Measure growth and maintain records, Wean calves Reproduction management, Identify cows in heat, Record cow identification and heat signs displayed, Feed and care for new calves including all prescribed health procedures, Record important breading information, Recognize obvious reproductive disorders, Prepare frozen semen for insemination, Handle and store semen Administer pregnancy checks Milking management, Access and enter information in record systems (milk journal), Identify edema in cows after freshening, Identify an inflamed udder, Dehorn calves, Apply and interpret heat detection aids, Evaluate reproductive records, Administer hormones for reproductive programs, Assist in herd checks, Breed/inseminate cows

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates can apply with resume in word format to

Please Contact Employer Directly.

For More Details Visit: 

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Candidate Profile


Candidate should completed BVSC (Veterinary Science) or MVSC (Veterinary Science)

Candidate should have 2 - 5 years of experience.


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Please Contact Employer Directly.

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