Territory Production Lead

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Job Description

Position Title: Territory Production Lead

Location (City, Country)  India                                 Department: Supply Management

Reports to : Regional Production Manager  





Implementation of field production plans within the assigned territory for reliable supply of commercial seed.  Ensure Pioneer quality standards and manage cost efficiency. Coordinate with the organizer in identifying suitable acreages and also plan expansion of new areas for seed production. Supervision of seed production fields regularly and monitoring various crop stages, pest & disease, pollination, harvest and post harvest and ensure target yields and Pioneer quality standards. Train and educate temporary field staff & growers for adoption of best agronomic practices. Assign and monitor day to day work to temporary field staff. Maintain accurate record of all operations and provide updated information to Regional Production Manager. Assist Production Agronomist in conducting parent test & production research experiments for continuous productivity improvement to achieve economic yield in all hybrids. Coordinate with Regional Production Manager for timely disbursement of grower payments.


  1. Responsible for achieving the yield & cost targets in the assigned production territory and ensure that Pioneer seed quality standards are achieved. Conduct pre-sowing field surveys to identify the best suitable lands with no isolation problems. Organize pre-sowing grower meetings to appraise the growers of Pioneer system and the expectations from the growers. Issue of parent to authorized growers/representatives and its accounting. Ensure germplasm security at the local level – 30%


  1. Train the field staff & growers and ensure implementation of timely field operations to ensure optimum plant population and a healthy, uniform crop. Monitoring and timely recommendation of use of pesticides to ensure a pest free crop. Monitoring and efficient use of  temporary field assistants. Responsible for monitoring of fields to ensure field quality protocols are implemented as per Pioneer quality standards. Responsible for timely detasseling and roguing of all the fields. Ensure timely male-chopping of all fields as recommended from time to time. Implementation of appropriate post harvest management practices to ensure supply of good quality seed – 30%


  1. Assist Production Agronomist in identification, design, planting, maintenance, harvest and analysis of parent test & production research experiments for continuous productivity improvement – 20%


  1. Execute all grower agreements and timely submission to Regional Production Manager. Maintain record of all activities at the field level in the field book. Timely consolidation and submission of reports to Regional Production Manager – 10%


  1. Ensure that company policies and procedures are followed, especially relating to germplasm security, ISO, Ethics & DISO. Ensure that the recommendations of the Safety coordinator are followed at the field level. Reporting of any SHE incident to the relevant company authority – 10%


: PHI Seeds ltd
Candidate Profile

Education  : B.Sc /M.Sc(Agriculture)

Experience : Minimum 2 years


1.     Technical knowledge in seed production activities (package of practices for the concerned crops)

  1. Knowledge on local cropping pattern
  2. Effective communications
  3. Inter personal relations
  4. Effective man management

Aptitude for mechanical repairs and maintenance and electrical installations


Ability to organize and supervise labor


Knowledge of seed standards (statutory and Pioneer Standards)


Understanding of Weights and Measurements Act and its relevance


Computer skills – data entry and database management skills


Writing skills and record keeping skills

4 - 10 per annum
2-4 Years